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Episode 8 – Dr Steven Sommer and Tori

Emerge Australia Imagine Podcast Series
Emerge Australia Imagine Podcast Series
Episode 8 - Dr Steven Sommer and Tori

In this podcast, Anne Wilson talks with Dr Steven Sommer and his partner Tori. Steven and Tori live in Geelong Victoria. Steven graduated from medical school in 1984 and became a GP in 1991. He began teaching stress management in the early 90s while practicing and lecturing at Monash University’s Department of General Practice.

Recognising the need amongst his patients and medical students, he began teaching them meditation techniques to manage their stress. Soon he found himself presenting widely and he was appointed president of the Whole Health Institute of Australasia. A major health crisis in 1996 led to him relinquishing all his roles until 2007 when he returned to general practice and teaching at Deakin University Medical School. Further health crises in 2011, left him unable to continue as a practitioner. Since, Steven has been sharing his ideas and insights through writing, and now in this podcast, collaborating uplifting story – from doctor to patient to doctor again – while living with ME/CFS.

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