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ME/CFS Research Panel

Emerge Australia’s Research Manager Michelle Tavoletti was joined by leading Australian researchers, Professor Paul Fisher, Dr Sara Ballouz, Dr Chris Armstrong and Professor Ken Walder to unpack their latest local developments in ME/CFS research, as well as provide an update on the Australia ME/CFS Biobank and Patient Registry.  This session was designed for those living with ME/CFS,

Q&A with Dr Richard Schloeffel

Emerge Australia Medical Director Dr Richard Schloeffel OAM joined CEO Anne Wilson to answer all your questions about ME/CFS including ME/CFS symptoms, diagnosis, management, GP education and clinical guidelines. This session was designed for those living with ME/CFS as well as their carers, friends, and family members. Come along to gain a deeper understanding of

The Basics of ME/CFS

Join Emerge Australia’s Nurse Educator Kate Herbert as we dive into the basics of ME/CFS, including outdated and current understanding of ME/CFS, the importance of post-exertional malaise (PEM) in diagnosis, and management techniques such as pacing that you can use to manage life with ME/CFS.  This session is designed for those living with ME/CFS who

Diagnosing ME/CFS

An accurate diagnosis of ME/CFS is possible in general practice using accepted diagnostic criteria.
Patients with Long COVID who present with post-exertional malaise (PEM) should have ME/CFS included in the differential diagnosis as the presence of PEM may change activity and exercise advice.

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