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Become a Corporate Partner

Emerge Australia is the national patient organisation empowering and giving hope to over half a million Australians with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) and Long COVID – seventy five percent of these people are women and around a quarter are housebound or bed bound.

We achieve this through patient support and information, clinical education, advocacy and biomedical research. 

At the very core of Emerge Australia is the belief that people affected by ME/CFS and Long COVID can lead better lives if they are understood and supported by the latest clinical and scientific evidence. 

The estimated cost of ME/CFS to the Australian economy is $14.5 billion annually. Emerge Australia aims to ensure that anyone impacted by ME/CFS or Long COVID can access support, information and advocacy that empowers them with knowledge and skills to improve their quality of life. 

How to Partner with Us

There are many ways to collaborate with us on our important mission to save and improve the lives of Australians affected by ME/CFS and Long COVID. If you connect with our mission and vision, we want to hear from you.

Perhaps your organisation could partner through:

Workplace giving


Pro bono services 

Hosting events

Joining in our community fundraising efforts


Why Partner with Emerge Australia?

If you chose to partners with us, you’ll enable us to continue our critical services across clinical education, advocacy, biomedical research and patient support services. 

With Effectiveness 

We invest our limited resources wisely and strategically to maximise our impact. 

Offsetting Neglect 

We fight for visibility and are the patient voice for those with ME/CFS and Long COVID, with both conditions severely underfunded. Emerge Australia is the only national charitable patient organisation for ME/CFS and Long COVID. 

With Competency 

Our highly qualified and committed staff, board, collaborators – many with lived experience of ME/CFS or Long COVID – are well placed to grow the organisation’s impact. Our track record is proof that we have what it takes to meaningfully make a difference for patients and their carers where it matters most, because people with ME/CFS and Long COVID matter. 

With our Core Values 

Emerge Australia is committed to understanding, empowering and supporting our community with respect, empathy, compassion and integrity. Our ethical leadership, knowledge and communication builds awareness, acceptance, credibility and trust. We are evidence based, results orientated, transparent and accountable. 

For more information or to talk further about a partnership please email [email protected]

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