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Gift in Celebration

Donations in lieu of gifts can add extra meaning to a special event or celebration. It is also a chance for you to highlight Emerge Australia’s valuable work and give visibility and empathy to those who are suffering from ME/CFS. 

You might choose to celebrate a birthday, wedding or special anniversary by asking for donations instead of presents.  

At a national holiday celebration, you might prefer to ask for donations in lieu of alcohol.  

Your Christmas present to a loved one could be a donation in their name or instead of a traditional wedding bonbonniere you could gift your wedding guests with a unique and meaningful thank you by donating to Emerge Australia. 

Donations are a way to create a lasting legacy for you or someone you love, as you celebrate together. 

For example, recent newlyweds encouraged donations to Emerge Australia in lieu of gifts, raising close to $2,000 to support our services from which they had benefited. 

In the past community members have also asked for donations for birthday or other celebrations, below are some examples 

Ashley – Raised $138 – Celebrate my 41st orbit around the sun by donating to a charity important to me!

Bronwyn – Raised $1,964 – Bunnings sausage sizzle fundraiser

Megan – Raised $815 – 50th birthday fundraiser

Siobhan – Raised $452 – 30th Birthday fundraiser

Emerge Australia has partnered with MyCause to facilitate celebration giving

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