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Learn with Emerge Australia (LEA)

At the heart of LEA, is our dedicated professional team. Their commitment extends beyond mere education; they create a safe, secure and supportive learning environment, seeking to ensure that every participant feels heard and valued. In this collaborative journey, knowledge truly becomes the power that provides pathways towards improved well-being and a more profound grasp of one’s own health journey.

LEA extends a warm invitation to those not only navigating the challenges of energy-limiting diseases such as ME/CFS and Long COVID but to their health team. It serves as an inclusive online space, uniting individuals within the limitations of their own energy, fostering a sense of community among those who are connected by ME/CFS and Long COVID.

This short video will show you how to create a LEA account and enrol in a learning module.
This short video will show you how to sign into LEA, aceess enrolled modules and live session.

Learning plan, the first lesson will cover:

  • The Basics of ME/CFS and its similarities to Long COVID.
  • My PEM Profile and Toolkit
  • Pacing Unpacked
  • Pacing and the Heart

Live working groups start in February:

Once you’ve completed the learnings from each module, you can join a live working group. These are sessions where our patient support team, will be there to help you understand each topic a little more. You can ask questions and get more guidance on the topics you’ve learned.

This learning plan is designed to help you gradually understand and manage your health better. If you have any questions, please reach out to our patient support team by clickong on the “Contact Us” link at the top of this page. 

A couple of points to help you stay safe:

      • Some areas of LEA are public, so please be aware of this before you share information about yourself in the discussion area.
      • Make sure you do not share personal information about others.
      • We recommend members do not share their whole name, for signing up with LEA but consider using just your first and the first letter of your last name.
      • While we recommend members be careful about what they share with each other, sharing other information such as hobbies, age, gender, and interests, if you feel comfortable doing so, can assist in building a supportive environment. 


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