State of the Nation: Because people with ME/CFS matter

People with ME/CFS are already drowning. Australia must prepare now for the forthcoming economic, health and social impacts of Long COVID.

Take action and write to your local Member of Parliament or Senator

Over 250,000 Australians already live with ME/CFS, a debilitating post-viral condition that leaves many unable to work, housebound or bedbound, and costs our economy over $14BN a year.

A Deakin University study suggests up to 325,000 more may develop Long COVID, described by health experts as ‘strikingly similar’ to ME/CFS in its symptoms, pathology and devastating impact on people’s lives. That’s almost 600,000 Australians who could soon be living with post-viral diseases.

Our health system has long struggled to diagnose, manage and create health pathways for those with ME/CFS. We are nowhere near prepared for the number of Australians with post-viral disease to more than double in just a few months, and nowhere near ready for the impact it will have on our health services, workforce and the economy.

Australia must act now, before this tsunami hits.

Emerge Australia has been supporting Australians living with ME/CFS for over 40 years and has identified the five most urgent things our policymakers need to address to prepare for the coming surge in post-viral diseases.

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