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Fundraising For ME/CFS

Would you like to run, cook, knit, craft or come up with your own great fundraising idea to help improve the lives of people living with ME/CFS?

Our community (aka ‘MEEPS’ / Jarmy Army) is amazing! In both words and actions, people with ME/CFS demonstrate incredible compassion for fellow sufferers, people more severely impacted than themselves, people who might be isolated by the condition and especially people who are just beginning their journey. 

From persuading friends and family to run marathons, to organising sausage sizzles, setting up a family swearbox or by knitting or crafting – our supporters across Australia manage to find ways to raise critical funds for people affected by ME/CFS in Australia.

Emerge Australia has put together a guide with all you need to get started on creating your own fundraiser, including example letters and QR codes that can be built into your campaign. Download today and most importantly have fun!

Current Fundraising Campaigns

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    Give a Gift of Care This Christmas

    Through the darkness of ME/CFS, Sarah longs for a service where she is understood with care, knowledge, and empathy. Where she can access the professional expertise she needs to manage her chronic illness and live a better life.

    Donate to Emerge Australia by 31 December and help us raise $60,000 to expand our telehealth service, to give every ME/CFS and Long COVID patient the critical help they need.

    $8,977.00 donated of $60,000.00 goal
  2. Regular Givers

    Make a difference to those caring for and living with ME/CFS with an ongoing tax deductible donation

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    Emerge Australia Ambassador Bloom

    We are so proud to announce our new ambassadorship with recording artist Amanda Canzurlo, who uses the stage name of Bloom. Bloom has teamed up with Emerge Australia to help raise vital funds and awareness for ME/CFS and our work to support the 250,000 Australians living with the disease.

    $4,924.00 donated of $10,000.00 goal
  4. A person with me/cfs pressing a green button on a computer keyboard.

    Support Emerge Australia

    Join us in our mission to improve the lives of Australians living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) and make their voices heard.

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