Workplace Giving

What is workplace giving?

In today’s workforce, employees expect corporate social responsibility from their employer. One of the simplest ways to show your employees that you share and encourage their values, is to become an Emerge Australia workplace giving partner.

When you become a workplace giving partner, your employees can give small, regular donations from pre-tax pay. 

Donations are collected via a simple payroll deduction, making it easier for them to continue their support and to see maximum tax benefits. Many workplace giving partners also choose to match their employee contributions dollar-for-dollar as a way to show their support and solidarity. 

The administration on both ends is minimal, and the consistency of the donations helps Emerge Australia plan for the future with a greater level of confidence. 

How do matched donations work?

The benefits of a workplace giving program 

Workplace giving benefits employees by: 

    • providing an immediate tax benefit by reducing your taxable income; and 

    • removing concerns about record-keeping – employee donations are automatically recorded on your pay slip 

Workplace giving benefits employers by: 

    • boosting employee morale by demonstrating good corporate social responsibility; 

    • providing an opportunity to match employee donations to significantly increase the impact Workplace Giving has for the charities supported; 

    • creating a cost-effective way to build long-term partnerships with charities; 

How can my workplace incorporate workplace giving? 

Emerge Australia has partnered with the following providers of workplace giving programs. Click on the logos to find out more.

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