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As a not-for-profit organisation Emerge Australia relies on the generosity of the community to ensure critical services and programs can continue to run.

Every dollar donated or fundraised helps Emerge Australia to continue and extend our vital community support and advocacy work. 

Ensuring that people with ME/CFS, Long COVID and their carers are visible – and listened to – in Australia is critical to improving the lives of everyone who struggles to live with ME/CFS and Long COVID.

Your donation will help us to improve the lives of people living with ME/CFS and Long COVID across Australia.

Support our everyday work OR choose to give monthly – every dollar donated helps to support our work fighting for a better life for people affected by ME/CFS and Long COVID.

Would you like to run, cook, knit, craft or come up with your own great fundraising idea to help improve the lives of people living with ME/CFS?

You can also run your own fundraising campaign to support Emerge Australia

We greatly appreciate your support.

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