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Patient Advisory Group

What is the Patient Advisory Group?

The Patient Advisory Group exists to represent patients and carers and takes a role in reviewing and improving the support services that we offer. Emerge Australia is committed to being patient-centred across all aspects of the organisation and the Patient Advisory Group makes a critical contribution to guiding what we do and how we engage with the ME/CFS community. 

The Patient Advisory Group is managed so that, as far as possible, it is representative of the Australian ME/CFS population including people who differ in illness severity (self-reported), age, location, gender and whether they are a patient or carer. 

Currently 74% of the PAG is based in urban areas while 26% reside in regional areas. 

Severity of illness in the PAG ranges from mild 3%, moderate 32%, moderate/severe 21%, severe 29% and carers 16%.  

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