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GP Education at GPCE in 2023

In 2022, Emerge Australia’s Medical Director, Dr Richard Schloeffel, OAM presented the keynote address at four General Practitioner Conference and Exhibitions (GPCE) with overwhelmingly positive feedback. At these conferences, we demystified the disease by presenting the latest research and providing practical, applicable management options to create a better experience for the patient.  

 Another theme from our evaluation feedback was that Dr Schloeffel covered a lot of ground in a short space of time. While this provided a comprehensive overview of the disease, participants wanted to explore each topic in-depth.  

“Complex presentation linking ME/CFS with Long Covid. I will need to reread the lecture notes to fully absorb it all but my interest is stimulated!!” 

In 2023, Emerge Australia will deliver in-depth, Advanced Education for GPs about the diagnosis, management and/or treatment of ME/CFS and Long COVID. Each of these topics will receive an hour-long, face-to-face lecture from Dr Schloeffel (3 hours in-person). Post-GPCE, GPs will complete 2 more hours online, that includes detailed case studies and a practice review exercise. At this stage, we plan to deliver the sessions twice at both the Sydney (May) and Melbourne (November) conferences.  

Our Emerge Australia team will also be onsite during the conference at an information stand. We will be answering further questions from the training, as well as meeting other conference attendees. The stand is an excellent opportunity for Emerge Australia to provide links back to services we offer GPs and patients, including our telehealth nurse service.  

Attendance at the conference is open to GPs and other medical professionals. If you would like to encourage your GP to attend, please share the link to Dr Richard’s Sydney sessions or look out for links to the GPCE website for the November conference. These links will direct your GP to learn more about Dr Schloeffel’s advanced education session, and register for the conference. 

GPCE Melbourne 2023

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