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Continuing Professional Development

Education Sessions at Sydney and Melbourne GPCE 2023

Long COVID and ME/CFS: A deep dive into diagnosis, treatment and management options – GPCE Melbourne 17 -19 November 2023

Dr Richard Schloeffel OAM presents, an advanced course offering in-depth knowledge and practical steps about how to diagnose, treat and/or manage patients with long COVID and ME/CFS utilising general practice guidelines.

This advanced course comprises three face-to-face sessions, all of which must be attended, followed by a two hour online activity.

GP’s Click here for more information

ME/CFS CPD education modules

Emerge Australia has partnered with ThinkGP to produce a two-part, RACGP CPD and ACRRM PDP accredited, online education series.

These modules are based on best-practice clinical information to assist all health professionals to diagnose and support patients with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS).

Patients presenting with Long COVID may benefit from an ME/CFS evaluation, particularly if they are experiencing significant functional impairment and post-exertional malaise.

The two, one-hour modules are each worth 1 x CPD hour (RACGP), linked to ‘Educational activities’, or 1pt ACCRM, on completion.

Registered health professionals can enrol to complete the modules for free.  

First module: Busting the myths and redefining myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)

This module aims to educate GPs and others working in primary care about our evolving understanding of ME/CFS as an illness. In addition, it addresses myths surrounding diagnosis and treatment.  

Click here to access module 1 and for further information

Second module: Ensuring a patient-centred approach to care for people living with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) 

This module focuses on quality of life, and incorporating the multidisciplinary team.  

It provides details on making a differential diagnosis, the non-core symptoms of ME/CFS, management in specific populations, and the development of a patient-centred treatment plan. 

Click here to access module 2 and for further information

ME/CFS Education sessions for your team

Allied Health practitioners, including registered and enrolled nurses, can book a one-hour in-service for your team with our nurse educator. These sessions are usually held via zoom. 

The aim of this in-service is to present the current understanding of ME/CFS, consisting of a 40-minute presentation and question time.  

Learning objectives:  

  1. Know key epidemiology and understand functional impairment in ME/CFS 
  2. Identify core signs and symptoms of ME/CFS using contemporary diagnostic criteria, with a focus on post-exertional malaise and orthostatic intolerance 
  3. Implement safe management strategies using pacing, rest and step-wise symptom management within your context of practice.  

These sessions also aim to provide you with some helpful assessment tools to use within your practice, and further reading.  

There is a small fee for the session 

  • Not-for-profit organisations: $200+GST 
  • For-profit organisations: $400+GST 

If you would like to engage in self-directed learning, below is a shorter version of our “ME/CFS Back to Basics” presentation for you and your team.

ME/CFS Back to Basics  

This is a 20 minute, recorded education session that provides fundamental information about ME/CFS and principles of management. It was presented to a group of nurses and social workers. However, anyone wanting a quick, foundational introduction would benefit.  

We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback about the presentation:

“…thank you for a fantastic presentation….we reflected on the presentations we had throughout the day and the whole team expressed how valuable your presentation was to their work.” (NUM, HIP Echuca Health) 

ME/CFS resource for school nurses 

School nurses can make a big difference in the life of a student with ME/CFS. School nurses are well placed to work in partnership with the student, their family, teaching staff, and the learning and support teams within the school, developing appropriate accommodations to allow students with ME/CFS to continue to attend school and connect with their peers. 

Please read more about supporting students with ME/CFS in a school environment by downloading our flyer. 

Keep up with the latest research about ME/CFS  

Emerge Australia’s monthly Research Digest summarises the latest Australian and international research journal articles on ME/CFS. The Research Digest focuses on biomedical research and contains three or four short summaries of recent research publications. 

Read the latest issue or sign up  to have the Research Digest delivered by email so you don’t miss out on future issues. 

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