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Our October 2021


Most people who get sick with COVID-19 recover within two to six weeks, but some have ongoing symptoms for weeks or months, known as post- or Long COVID.

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Lynne’s Story

“Imagine if someone reads our story and they know or care for someone like my son…it may help them to feel less isolated knowing that there are others ‘out there’ like them”.

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Two individuals demonstrating their autonomy and independence by holding hands amidst the quiet ambiance of a library.
For Carers

Autonomy, Dignity and Independence

As you continue to learn more about the needs and preferences of your person with ME/CFS, the importance of honouring their autonomy, dignity and independence has most likely become an important consideration for you.

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A senior woman is expressing her love by making a heart shape with her hands.
For Carers

Self-care for Carers

Since becoming a carer of a person living with ME/CFS, you may have made some small or big changes in your life. Self-care is an important part of life but can often be the first thing we stop when life gets busy or priorities change.

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A white speech bubble on a purple background illustrating mecfs communication.
For Carers

Advocacy for Carers

As a carer of a person living with ME/CFS there may be times when you are called upon to provide support through advocacy. This could be with healthcare professionals, service providers, workplaces or even within your family or friendship circle.

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An older woman with mecfs is looking at her phone with a caregiver.
For Carers

ME/CFS Explained for Carers

ME/CFS is a complex and disabling disease that affects many systems of the body. These include, but are not limited to, the brain, muscles, digestive, immune and cardiac systems.

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