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Our November 2022

Living with Severe ME/CFS

It is estimated 25% of individuals living with ME/CFS have severe or very severe symptoms. Ricky Buchanan worked with Emerge Australia to create some tips and hacks for those living with severe ME/CFS.

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Emerge Australia Christmas Telehealth Appeal resources

Help more ME/CFS patients connect to Emerge Australia this Christmas.

Delayed by misdiagnosis, people with ME/CFS and Long COVID are waiting too long for the vital support they need. Donate to Emerge Australia by through Christmas, so no one with ME/CFS or Long COVID misses out on help this Christmas.

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Two individuals with mecfs holding hands, amidst a blurry backdrop.
Position Statement

National Disability Insurance Scheme Position Statement

ME/CFS is a permanent condition for most people. Less than 10% recover to pre-illness functioning and 20% of patients may worsen with time.[1] Despite this, many people with ME/CFS experience significant difficulties accessing the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

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A stethoscope on top of a bed used for patients with mecfs.
Position Statement

Optimal Care Referral Pathway Position Statement

A national, Optimal Care Referral Pathway (OCRP) will provide all people with ME/CFS consistent care across Australia, using an evidence-based, best practice pathway that empowers patients and clinicians to navigate support of complex, multi-system conditions such as ME/CFS, and other post infection diseases, such as Long COVID.

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