Episode 2 – Chris Quill

Emerge Australia Imagine Podcast Series
Emerge Australia Imagine Podcast Series
Episode 2 - Chris Quill

CEO Anne Wilson is in conversation with Chris Quill in a visceral exploration of the profound impacts of ME/CFS on his life.

Chris shares the challenges as he has transitioned from a fit, healthy family man, with a rich career giving back to others as a disability support expert. His life, however, was shattered by ME/CFS soon after he contracted COVID. Initially, he thought he had a mild case of COVID – beginning with brain fog and fatigue, but this insidiously grew worse. He developed a sensitivity to noise and couldn’t tolerate being around others. He knew something was wrong when, after 10 days, he still couldn’t go back to work …. he became bedbound.

Overwhelmed by debilitating symptoms, Chris lost all hope. We are incredibly grateful that thankfully he reached out to us at Emerge Australia, and we’re very humbled that Chris has said that our telehealth nurses saved his life. Needless to say, Chris has had to navigate an extremely difficult pathway to find his way through to today. He’s following proven ME/CFS protocols and is learning to pace himself. 

Chris’ story, like so many others with this condition, is simply extraordinary against the odds.

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