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Our Season 2

Episode 10 – Kate Baychek

In this podcast Anne Wilson is in an extraordinary conversation with Kate Baychek who is a carer for her bedbound adult child with ME. She’s also a registered nurse who has worked in the public hospital system over 35 years. Kate is utterly floored at the demands of caring 24/7 for a bedbound person, particularly

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Episode 9 – Jenny Meagher and Pete

A longer than usual but very entertaining, deeply personal window into an inspirational and loving couple, sharing the beauty of being in relationship with your best friend, along with the grit and grief surrounding the impacts on families of invisible complex disabilities. In this moving episode, Anne Wilson is talking with Jenny Meagher and her

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Episode 8 – Dr Steven Sommer and Tori

In this podcast, Anne Wilson talks with Dr Steven Sommer and his partner Tori. Steven and Tori live in Geelong Victoria. Steven graduated from medical school in 1984 and became a GP in 1991. He began teaching stress management in the early 90s while practicing and lecturing at Monash University’s Department of General Practice. Recognising

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Episode 7 – Mark Clisby

In this unique podcast, we share a fascinating behind-the-scenes exchange between Emerge Australia’s CEO Anne Wilson and Chair Mark Clisby. Mark is co-founder and CEO of two social enterprises and has an extensive background in the Australian Public Service, universities, and NGOs, including as Deputy Director Human Resources at Flinders University, Director Human Resources at

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