Echuca Regional Health learns about ME/CFS

7 October 2021

An important part of improving outcomes for people living with ME/CFS is educating healthcare professionals about the condition and what they can to do help. Last week, our Nurse Educator Kate Herbert delivered a “Back to Basics” presentation to nurses and social workers at Echuca Regional Health for their recent professional development day.  

Only two of the participants who responded to the pre-presentation survey had received any formal training about ME/CFS. So, Kate covered the basics including both outdated and current understandings, the importance of post-exertional malaise (PEM) in diagnosis, management techniques of pacing, rest and stepwise symptom management. Kate also discussed how to modify their practice when caring for people with ME/CFS. Participants are now aware of how to avoid triggering PEM and how to respond to its often fluctuating, unpredictable nature. 

Following her presentation, Kate answered a number of questions. Attendees were particularly interested in knowing more about our Telehealth Nurse Service, the relationship between ME/CFS and other conditions, like fibromyalgia and long-COVID, and disability applications. Post-presentation survey data is being analysed and will be a valuable guide for future presentations to health professionals.  

Emerge Australia can deliver training catering to a wide range of audiences and levels of ME/CFS awareness, including the basics, specific characteristics of the illness and management techniques. If you know, or are part of, a group of healthcare professionals who want to learn more about ME/CFS contact Education & Program Manager, Rochelle Lade to arrange a presentation, [email protected] 

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