Author name: Michelle Tavoletti

Research Digest 25/5/23

Welcome to the 95th edition of the Research Digest. This edition features a study looking at transcriptomic changes in those with ME/CFS following an exercise challenge and examines ME/CFS symptom differences in Black and White individuals. This edition also highlights the impact of Long COVID in Australia and the Conversation hour discusses Long COVID, in the context of how it’s changing the way we respond to ME/CFS.

Research Digest 27/4/23

Welcome to the 94th edition of the Research Digest. This month’s edition summarises research studies investigating the impact of exercise on post-exertional malaise, offering invaluable insights into exercise pathophysiology for both ME/CFS and Long COVID. This month’s edition also highlights the long-awaited report from the parliamentary inquiry into Long COVID, which includes a recommendation for more research and patient support for those living with ME/CFS.

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