Living with ME/CFS

As part of Emerge Australia’s ongoing webinar series on August 22 at 2pm (AEST), CEO Anne Wilson was joined by Dr Richard Schloeffel OAM and Nurse Educator Kate Herbert to discuss and answer questions around the theme “Living with ME/CFS”.

In addition to Kate’s clinical experience, she lives with ME/CFS herself; her focus was to explore her experience of grief, along with some of the adaptations she has made due to her energy limits.  

“I’ve got a complicated relationship with acceptance and hope”. 

In addition to a discussion on grief, Dr Schloeffel and Kate explore pacing. Instead of discussing the details of how to pace, Richard provides a helpful explanation of why pacing is important which can be shared with friends and loved ones. 

“…. a crash literally is running out of fuel, ATP and the other chemicals that activate your cell function and you’ll feel exhausted”. 

We hope that many people who have experienced loss from chronic illness will relate to Kate’s exploration of the grief cycle and her experience of ableism when it comes to adopting useful aids and Dr Schloeffel’s deep knowledge around feeling safe, heard and adapting to the symptoms, energy limits and other challenges that ME/CFS entails. 

Many of the over 85 viewers also shared their own stories of diagnosis and use of mobility aids in the chat. 

The webinar was recorded and can be watched in full below. 

Emerge Australia live tweeted the event and the thread can be read here. 

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