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Sydney Marathon 2023

We’re participating in the Sydney Marathon and other walk/run events around Australia and aiming to raise $50,000 for Emerge Australia.

What is the Sydney Marathon

The run that is fun for everyone with a distance for beginners to experienced runners. Choose from the Sydney Marathon, Sydney Marathon 21.1k (formerly the Half Marathon), Sydney Marathon 10k (formerly the Bridge Run) and Sydney Marathon Family Run 3.5k for a truly unforgettable experience.  A challenging and memorable run with two of the four distances finishing at the Sydney Opera House.

The Sydney Marathon, is a fun and inclusive event for participants of all abilities. To assist you with making your event day plans, please read over the information here.

Register and Participate Today

Why are we participating the Sydney Marathon?

Emerge Australia staff, and champion John Nicoll, have made the choice to participate in the Sydney Marathon on September 17th to bring visibility to people living with ME/CFS and Long COVID, who are so often missing from their lives. We’d love your support!

There are several ways to participate:  

  • Sponsor our Emerge Australia team fundraisers here 
  • Donate to raise money for Emerge Australia to support us in our work bringing hope and help to those living with ME/CFS and Long COVID 
  • Share information on Emerge Australia’s participation in Sydney Marathon on social media, and encourage those you know to participate and donate
  • Fudraise by organising an activity for yourself that can be self-managed. This can be reading a book, meditating, or any other low-intensity activity.
  • Walk or run yourself. There are three distances: 21km, 10km or 3.5km. Wheelchairs and prams are allowed   

We know it is neither appropriate, nor possible, for many of you who live with ME/CFS or Long COVID to participate in Run Melbourne like this, but we would love your support! We encourage carers, family and friends of those living with ME/CFS and Long COVID to join us and run for their loved one. However, if it is safe for you to attend, we would strongly welcome your participation. 

Make a Donation

Start Fundraising

Join us however you can on Sunday September 17th so every Australian with ME/CFS and Long COVID can be visible. 

What is ME/CFS?

Emerge Australia is the national patient organisation for people living with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) and Long COVID, providing education, advocacy, research and support services.

The impacts of ME/CFS can be devastating. 25% of people living with ME/CFS are housebound or bedbound, with many unable to work or participate in community life. People living with ME/CFS often feel invisible due to the disabling nature of the disease, unknown cause, lack of effective treatment options and limited community awareness, leading many to ‘go missing’ from their own lives.


If you are having any troubles setting up a Grassroots account, let us know by emailing us at [email protected].

Don’t forget to join us in giving voice to those who are unheard and dismissed. Sign up at

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