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Research Digest 25/5/23

Welcome to the 95th edition of the Research Digest. This edition features a study looking at transcriptomic changes in those with ME/CFS following an exercise challenge and examines ME/CFS symptom differences in Black and White individuals. This edition also highlights the impact of Long COVID in Australia and the Conversation hour discusses Long COVID, in the context of how it’s changing the way we respond to ME/CFS.

Research Digest 27/4/23

Welcome to the 94th edition of the Research Digest. This month’s edition summarises research studies investigating the impact of exercise on post-exertional malaise, offering invaluable insights into exercise pathophysiology for both ME/CFS and Long COVID. This month’s edition also highlights the long-awaited report from the parliamentary inquiry into Long COVID, which includes a recommendation for more research and patient support for those living with ME/CFS.

Research Digest 30/3/23

Welcome to the 93rd edition of the Research Digest. This month’s edition summarises research that investigates factors that influence the prognosis of ME/CFS and demonstrates that high muscle sodium content, maybe a contributing factor to the pathophysiology of ME/CFS. A review is also highlighted that conveys what is presently known about Long COVID and finally, a local study sheds light on brain structure changes that are common to Long COVID and ME/CFS.

Research Digest 23/2/23

Welcome to the 92nd edition of the Research Digest. This month recapitulates research studies that extend our understanding of ME/CFS and Long COVID. The effect of exercise on the content of extracellular vesicles is investigated for ME/CFS and for Long COVID symptoms. This edition also highlights comments made by Professor Brendan Crabb, CEO of the Burnet Institute encouraging the government to ‘change the narrative’ to prevent the infection of COVID-19 and limit the impact of Long COVID.

Research Digest 22/12/22

Welcome to the 91st edition of the Research Digest.  In our final edition for the year, a study evaluating aspects of the current IOM criteria is presented, as well as national and international research findings concerning Long Covid.   The final edition also puts a spotlight on the disbelief that people living with invisible disabilities like ME/CFS and Long Covid endure, and highlights Anne Wilson’s call for the government to better recognise those living with invisible disabilities.

Research Digest 01/12/22

Welcome to the 90th edition of the Research Digest. This month’s edition features ME/CFS studies investigating microclotting and antibody targeting of gut bacteria. Also presented, is the study of serum samples from post-covid syndrome and -/+ME/CFS patients, to further study endothelial dysfunction and the role of angiogenesis in both study groups. And finally, the recent ABC news article featuring Chris Armstrong and Anne Wilson is highlighted.

Research Digest 27/10/22

Welcome to the 89th edition of the Research Digest. This edition features a study looking more closely at blood cells to investigate mitochondrial abnormalities and immunological changes in ME/CFS. Furthermore, the effect of whole-body cryotherapy and activity monitoring in patients living with ME/CFS is presented. A link to Anne Wilson’s (Emerge Australia’s CEO) interview, responding to the lack of funding for ME/CFS and Long COVID services in the federal budget is also highlighted.

Research Digest 29/09/22

Welcome to the 88th edition of the Research Digest. This edition features a study that aimed to determine the value of a simple, objective office-based test in the evaluation of OI and brain fog and large genetic association study that sought to identify chromosomal regions that may be linked to ME/CFS.

Research Digest 25/08/22

Welcome to the 87th edition of the Research Digest. This month’s edition highlights emerging evidence of endothelial dysfunction, to further demonstrate the striking similarities of Long Covid to ME/CFS. The metabolism of tryptophan and the role of its metabolites are also presented and postulated to influence symptoms of ME/CFS, as well as suggested mechanisms that may be responsible for the neuroinflammation observed in both ME/CFS and Long Covid.

Research Digest 28/07/22

Welcome to the 86th edition of the Research Digest. This edition reviews research articles looking further into infectious mononucleosis and its links with ME/CFS and the impact of ME/CFS, on the quality of life for patients and their partners.  The digest also presents a recent ME/CFS brain imaging study that may prove useful diagnostically in the future and highlights the 2GB radio interview, featuring Emerge Australia’s CEO Anne Wilson, discussing the impact of changes to Telehealth.

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