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A woman with ME/CFS wearing glasses and a red hat.

Simone Eyssens

Research Director

Simone has been working with Emerge Australia since 2018. 

Simone lives with severe ME/CFS. Before becoming unwell, she worked as a psychologist for many years, in both private practice and organisational settings. She also trained counsellors in an undergraduate setting. Since becoming unwell, Simone became passionate about ME/CFS advocacy, and has led many advocacy efforts. 

Simone was a patient representative on the National Health & Medical Research Council’s ME/CFS Advisory Committee, which resulted in a $3m federal government grant for biomedical research into ME/CFS. 

Simone’s role with Emerge Australia ensures that our work across all our business units is evidence-based. She was the subject-matter expert for our two ThinkGP modules, and brings her extensive knowledge of ME/CFS science and advocacy, as well as her lived experience of ME/CFS, to working for change for Australians living with ME/CFS and their carers.

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