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Our forum can be viewed by anyone, but to be able to interact with others and post in the forum you need to register. Registration is free but all accounts require approval by an administrator so there will be a short delay (can be up to 24hrs) before you are able to post and interact in the forum. Your contact details are kept confidential.

    • When you join, choose a username that is appropriate and non-offensive

    • The forum is an open forum which means that posts are visible to the public – alongside the username of the author

    • No advertising or self promotion is allowed except where written permission has been sought and granted by Emerge Australia (contact [email protected] for permission/questions)

    • The aim of the community is to provide support not medical advice

We encourage forum members to seek advice and support from others, and to share their own advice and experiences. Australian law forbids the provision of medical advice outside of licensed professionals. This means that while you can share your own experiences of treatments, medications, changes to medications and therapeutic exercise, you must not tell someone else to start, stop, modify, add, resume, change, adjust, commence or cease any of the above in any fashion.

We appreciate that finding the right balance between sharing experiences and giving advice is challenging – community moderators will assist in finding this balance. It is also important to recognise that what might have worked for you in managing your own symptoms may not work for others. There are no proven treatments or cures of ME/CFS.

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