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Give a Gift of Care This Christmas

Give every ME/CFS patient somewhere to turn Let down by community health practices, with outdated clinical guidelines, and being disbelieved and stigmatised – there is an urgent need for the 250,000 Australians living with ME/CFS today to have somewhere to turn – and they do so increasingly to Emerge Australia’s Telehealth Service. Since 2019, our

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Ghosts & Goblins Emerge (for ME/CFS)

I want to do this fundraiser as my social action project as part of the Big Picture Program at Halls Head Collage. I have chosen Emerge Australia as myself and my friend (who is helping me out) both have parents who live with ME/CFS, and we want to spread awareness and raise funds for an

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A yellow sign with the word change ahead signifies the journey of individuals with ME/CFS towards better health and well-being against a blue sky.

Say hi to the sky

After our friend was diagnosed with severe ME/CFS, a group of us longed to find some meaningful way to help in what felt like a helpless situation. In one of their first posts, our friend asked others to learn about ME/CFS, to raise awareness on social media, and to say hi to the sky for

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A man with ME/CFS is taking a selfie.

Give Every ME/CFS Patient Somewhere To Turn This Financial Year

  Give every ME/CFS patient somewhere to turn When it all gets too hard, you need somewhere to turn – fast. For the 250,000 Australians living with ME/CFS today, that lifeline is Emerge Australia’s Telehealth Nurse Service. Since 2019, our dedicated nurses have supported thousands of ME/CFS patients to manage their complex and disabling disease.

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Shine a Light On ME/CFS

“I’ve had ME/CFS for 17 years. I had to leave my career as a primary teacher/youth worker 7 years ago but I still feel passionate to help people, especially kids. I know what it’s like to feel unseen and unheard with this illness and after two medical professionals recently asking me ‘What’s ME/CFS?’ I decided

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