A woman with mecfs smiling in front of a window.

Dr Jessica Kauhausen, PhD

ME/CFS and Long-COVID Biobank & Registry manager

Jessica joined Emerge Australia in 2019.

Obtaining her PhD in 2016, Jessica spent the following four years working as an early career postdoctoral researcher in the Stem cell and Neural Transplantation laboratory at the Florey Institute in Melbourne (23 publications with an h index of 11).   

In late 2019 she transitioned her career path away from the lab bench and towards a more patient-centric role at Emerge Australia, where she commenced and continues to stand as the Australian ME/CFS and Long-COVID Biobank & Registry manager.

 Leveraging her extensive understanding of basic laboratory research requirements, experience in high-level project management, and ability to communicate complex biomedical information clearly to many different audiences (i.e., patients, clinicians, researchers, and stakeholders), Jessica has been instrumental in the formation and ongoing daily operations of the Biobank and Registry since its inception. 

Jessica’s professional mission is to empower people with ME/CFS and Long COVID with the knowledge that their stories matter in research and to act as the catalyst that drives high-impact discoveries that benefit their communities. 

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