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The CEO Report | August 2023

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Emerge Australia’s new website and refreshed brand to you.

As you are all aware, so many supporters and community members have generously contributed throughout this journey and we thank you so very much for your engagement and support.

As I shared back in March we have needed to transition our website from an offshore server to an Australian platform to enable us to manage the site directly, ensure security, reduce costs and improve efficiency and effectiveness. 

In this process we have focused on developing functionality to achieve greater market penetration with donors, partners, sponsors and importantly patients. The re-architecture will also impact our fundraising capability as well as the look and feel of the site and this led us to consider a simultaneous brand refresh that has now been undertaken pro bono by our collaborators – Foundation Nova Diem.

I thank all from our Emerge Australia team, Foundation Nova Diem and all within our community for your understanding and support.

The rebrand marks a new chapter for our organisation, reflecting our commitment to innovation, growth and community. The aim is to create a unique, strong and cohesive identity that reflects lived experience.

Our new hero image is the battery, symbolising the key challenge experienced through ME/CFS – the critical importance surrounding energy depletion, and the need to live within one’s energy envelope. 

The battery symbolises Emerge Australia’s role as the national patient organisation that empowers and gives hope to over half a million people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) and Long COVID through patient support, information, clinical education, advocacy and biomedical research.

The new imagery differentiates Emerge Australia from others in the sector and is designed to reflect the priority attributes as identified by you through our March survey and feedback. The key desired attributes include hope, inspiration, compassion, understanding, empathy, trust, reliability, confidence, knowledge and innovation. 

You will note the font style and colour palette has evolved and this too has been informed through your critical feedback the advice of our trusted communications specialists and the guidance received from our diverse organisational stakeholders.

As with any complex change processes there are likely to be teething challenges and areas that not everyone will be in favour of.   We have tried to be as inclusive of all feedback but have had to ‘draw a line in the sand’ in some instances. 

We would ask that you please be patient with us and request your ongoing trust and support as we venture together through this transition period optimising and contemporising Emerge Australia, by iteratively bringing new assets online, in a staged and planned process.

We are still a work in progress and appreciate your feedback and comments as we move forward together in showcasing Emerge Australia on your behalf to the world.

We hear you, we listen to you, and we see you.  We are committed to supporting you because:  people with ME/CFS matter! 

My very best for a great week and as always – feel free to contact me anytime.

Anne Wilson
Chief Executive Officer

We hope you enjoy reading about our work on your behalf and as always I invite you to write to me at with any ideas, thoughts or questions. Enjoy!

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