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Medical & Scientific Advisory Committee appointed

Emerge Australia is pleased to announce the appointment of our new Medical & Scientific Advisory Committee (MSAC). 

The MSAC combines the knowledge of ME/CFS clinicians and researchers, as well as Emerge Australia staff, to pool the collective knowledge to set in motion objectives which will improve the outcomes for Australians impacted by ME/CFS. 

Members of MSAC include:

Dr Daniel Lewis, Dr Richard Schloeffel OAM, Professor Paul Fisher, Dr Michelle Tavoletti, Kate Herbert, Martin Wilkinson, Dr Chris Armstrong, Dr Mark Donohue, Laura Allen, Mark Clisby and Anne Wilson.

The inaugural meeting of the MSAC was held in December 2021, and further meetings have been scheduled for 2022. The primary focus for MSAC is to provide strategic and/or clinical advice to Emerge Australia’s Board and staff. This advice is based evidence and underpins program decisions. 

Committee members also provide liaison within the clinical and research fraternity to position Emerge Australia regarding clinical guideline development and changes to patient centric health policy. In addition, MSAC provides recommendations regarding Emerge Australia’s specific programs such as the Australian ME/CFS Biobank & Patient Registry, and provide  advice on the status of national and international developments that may impact Emerge Australia’s strategic direction, or existing projects or programs. The MSAC members may also provide support with the media and engagement with the Government and policy makers. 

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