Kristan Oud joins Emerge Australia – our newest ambassador

Anne Wilson, CEO of Emerge Australia visited the Victorian Artists Society to announce VAS Artist Kristan Oud as an Ambassador for Emerge Australia.
Emerge Australia - is a national patient organisation that gives hope to over 500,000 people with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) and Long COVID through patient support and information, clinical education, advocacy and biomedical research. 
Kristan Oud said "With no cure in sight, patients feel invisible and left behind by a health system that fails to meet their needs." Emerge Australia works to ensure that every Australian diagnosed with ME/CFS and Long COVID receives effective care without stigma or discrimination – "I’m therefore grateful to donate proceeds from the sale of some special paintings to this important cause," he said.

Since May 2022 Kristan Oud has completed 365 drawings focusing on the architecture, art, hospitality, and sport that gives Melbourne its place as the cultural capital of Australia. Documenting the city on a nightly basis as it returns to life after experiencing the polar extremes of the most liveable city to the most locked down in the world. 

Keeping to the strict timetable of completing one drawing each night has been in many ways part of an artistic therapy to put the harsh environment and suffering caused by COVID to the community on a positive personal front for the wider community and visitors to appreciate and enjoy Melbourne” Mr Oud said.

The release of Kristan’s Exhibition coincides with the promotions of ME/CFS Awareness Day, Friday 12 May, for more info contact

'City Skyline from Hamer Hall' by Kristan Oud VAS Ink on paper
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