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We need more GPs who can recognise ME/CFS and respond to the complex needs of patients with ME/CFS

Emerge Australia is committed to improving the medical care that Australians with ME/CFS experience. As many of you will know, we released the first accredited online ME/CFS GP Education module to be sponsored by a patient organisation in August 2019.

  • Developing more GP education resources for Australian healthcare workers is critical to creating a healthcare system that can support vulnerable patients from the onset of symptoms of ME/CFS
  • Lack of informed support causes emotional distress and can lead to misdiagnosis
  • Incorrect treatment or outdated management approaches can lead to the condition becoming worse

We have been lucky enough to secure $16,000 in match funding, which means that when you make a donation between now and Christmas, every dollar will be doubled!

The match applies until we reach $32,000, after which every dollar still counts, but the matched donation means we can get to our target twice as quickly - enabling us to start development of a new module in the new year.


About GP education

In August 2019, ThinkGP, an organisation that offers a range of accredited online educational activities for GPs and allied health professionals, launched its first education module on ME/CFS in partnership with Emerge Australia. This one-hour module, called 'Busting the myths and redefining myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)' provides the latest understanding of the pathophysiology, diagnosis and management of ME/CFS.

By December 2019, almost 200 GPs and allied health professionals had completed the module. The feedback is positive and demonstrates that the content is highly valued. The module rates very highly in several areas, including quality, relevancy to practice and tools for implementing a coordinated treatment plan.

It is clear from the feedback that health professionals are grateful for this education and want to know more.

An incredible change in understanding the huge impact of so many factors involved with ME/CFS hopefully will help change the way these debilitated patients are understood and 'helped'. Thank you for this very informative module.    GP feedback after completing the module

It has helped me understand ME/CFS in a better and comprehensive way.    Doctor in WA

We are continuing to promote this module through our community. If you would like to take part in the campaign, click here.

Why do we need more than one education module?

ME/CFS is a highly complex condition. Health professionals who have completed the 'Busting the myths' module have told us that they want to know more. Subsequent modules will expand on the information provided in the initial module and include areas such as the latest research, people with severe ME/CFS and paediatric-specific care.

How much does it cost to create a GP education module?

Typically, a module costs around $30,000 for organisations such as ThinkGP to research and develop. However, Emerge Australia is working closely with ThinkGP and we have a special deal for our next module. For only $16,000, we can produce a new resource to provide further detail and give health professionals a more in depth understanding of ME/CFS.

Remember that donations to this appeal are being matched – when you give $25, our generous supporter will also contribute $25 to the campaign, doubling every donation until we reach our target.

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