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Virtual Community Support Groups – Living With ME/CFS Or Long COVID And Having An Artistic Interest

Our art group is now FULL – please click the button above if you wish to join the wait list.

Who the group is for:

Our online support group sessions for patients living with ME/CFS or Long COVID who have an artistic interest will run once a month and will consist of up to 12 participants. This group will be hosted by a professional facilitator through Emerge Australia. These sessions will take place through our virtual support space. The aim of the group is to help connect people who have a shared interest and passion for artistic activities, as this can serve as a therapeutic outlet and can be a valuable tool in creating a sense of connection and community.

Why should I attend?

Accessing support to connect with others who are going through similar experiences is one of the primary requests that we receive at Emerge Australia. We have designed this program to provide a safe space – with a facilitator – where people who live with ME/CFS or Long COVID can connect once a month and engage in artistic activities. Our virtual space provides the option to connect further online in the virtual discussion room which participants will have access to after each session.

To ensure people with ME/CFS and Long COVID continue to be supported beyond the life of the program, a “volunteer community champions” pilot project is being developed. This will upskill community members to volunteer their time as group moderators. More information about this pilot project will be available in the new year. 

Outlines of the program:

Each group will have access to their own virtual support room, here you will find:

  • Five 60-minutes virtual support sessions run once a month for five months.
  • A professional facilitator who will run and support each session.
  • Access to the virtual room’s notice board that will provide a summary of the session or handout.
  • Access to the virtual support room’s discussion board, allowing you to engage and communicate with other participants between sessions.
  • Opportunity to participate in the volunteer community champions pilot project, that aims to enable your group to keep connected long after the 5 sessions have been completed.  

What Do you need to bring:

  • Laptop/iPad
  • There will be an introduction session hosted by Emerge Australia towards the end of January 2024 with facilitated session commencing in February.

Facilitator session will run from 2pm to 3pm (AEDT), once a month, on the following Monday in 2024

  • February 12
  • March 11
  • April 8
  • May 13
  • Jun 10

Following the five sessions, the group will have the option to continue in our ongoing virtual room, if a volunteer community champion, upskills into the moderator role.

For more information or if you have questions, please contact

Meet your facilitator

Karen Le Roux

Karen is an educator who specialises in the area of Visual Arts. She lives with ME/CFS herself and recently stepped away from the classroom after a long and happy career as a teacher where she enjoyed sharing the skills of creative expression and helping students to grow as artists. Karen is now looking forward to sharing her love for the gentle art of drawing and painting with the online community too.

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