This editorial draws together findings from several articles in the journal’s special issue about ME/CFS. As the title of the article suggests, the authors argue we are currently “turning a corner” in ME/CFS research. Recognition of Long COVID as a real, post-viral illness, finally brings some “common sense” to debates about ME/CFS. Just like Long COVID, ME/CFS is genuine and not some kind of hysteria.

The authors explain a lack of GP education at university is a central reason for the longstanding, dismissive attitudes about ME/CFS. The consequences of these dismissive attitudes have been disastrous. First and foremost, people with ME/CFS have been left without appropriate clinical support. And now, as the medical profession is currently realising, GPs are largely unprepared to handle the vast number of cases of Long COVID.

But we may be turning a corner in GP education. Some doctors, specifically those who have ME/CFS or Long COVID, are forming networks to educate and advocate for people with ME/CFS and Long COVID. Clinical coalitions and research networks are being formed, and existing research centres are receiving better funding to investigate ME/CFS and other post-viral illnesses, like Long COVID.

This new interest and investment into post-viral illness is delivering great progress. We are beginning to gain greater understanding of causes, biomarkers, and both safe, and unsafe, treatments. But the best cure is prevention, and the authors argue for more focus on predicting and preventing people from developing post-viral conditions to prevent long term disability.

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Pheby, D., Friedman, K. J., Murovska, M., & Zalewski, P. (2021). Turning a Corner in ME/CFS Research. Medicina (Kaunas, Lithuania), 57(10), 1012. 

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