ME/CFS is a chronic complex condition. Living with any chronic condition is difficult. It’s easy to feel alone and become socially isolated. Family or friends may not understand the day to day limitations of the condition, patients often have to give up work or study, and they may have trouble getting around and interacting with others.

A peer support group is a group of people who share similar experiences. Groups come together to socialise, share information and offer support to one another. 

Joining a peer support group is free and there are many groups across Australia that focus on ME/CFS. These groups are both in-person and online.

Peer support offers a range of social and practical benefits, including:

Being with people who just 'get it' Realising you're not alone
Making friends and socialising Rebuilding self-esteem and sense of identity
Having fun

Talking about your fears and concerns

Gathering and sharing information and resources Learning practical ways to manage your condition
Learning about community and health services and how to use them

Gaining support by sharing experiences and feelings with others in similar positions

If you are interested in finding out more information about a peer support group near you, if you run a peer support group or if you are interested in starting one please get in touch with us below. We also have information about online groups and forums. 

Request the list for your State

We encourage all peer support participants to become Emerge Australia members. By becoming a member, we can connect with you and keep you up to date with our work and programs. Annual memberships are available from just $5. To join or renew your membership, head to our membership page.