Please book now if you are interested in joining a group of people who have a shared experience of living with ME/CFS in a regional area of Australia.


What is ‘Online Peer Support for Regional Folk with ME/CFS’?

Online Peer Support for people living regionally with ME/CFS is an eight week online support group for 8 to 12 people with a professional facilitator hosted by Emerge Australia. It takes place in our virtual meeting room over Zoom. We have three core themes for our online community groups: Patient Support, Carer Support, Community Building. The aim of this group is to help you to connect with other people who have a shared experience of living with ME/CFS in a regional area of Australia.

Why should I attend? 

Accessing peer support - talking to people who 'get it' - is one of the primary requests that we receive at Emerge Australia. We have designed this pilot program to provide a safe space - with a facilitator - where people who live regionally and have ME/CFS can meet and talk for an hour. 

What will happen in the group?

In this group you will find:

  • Professional facilitator to guide the conversation
  • 8 facilitated meetings - every other week for one hour
  • Option to continue to meet after the course - your facilitator will help you to establish ground rules and come up with a plan to continue with the group
  • Social interaction - this group is not structured therapy and will try not to dwell on negative or medical chat 
  • The group will have access to a private sub-forum on the Emerge Australia Community Forum where chat can continue between sessions

Session dates and times

The group will commence on Monday 21 February 2022 and will run for eight sessions, concluding on the 30 May 2022. 

Every second Monday afternoon - All timings are as per Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra (AEDT or AEST according to start date of group)

  • 1:45pm session open
  • 2:00pm group meeting commences
  • 3:00pm group meeting ends


For more information or if you have questions, please contact [email protected].

Meet your facilitator

My name is Bronwyn and I am a Mental Health Counsellor and group facilitator. For the last 6.5 years I have been running a support group for single mothers across South Australia, and in my counselling private practice I specialise in chronic illness and relationship support. I have been living with chronic illness for 29 years, and all the trials and tribulations that it brings with it, including endless Drs appointments, specialists and trying to retain some form of social life! With a passion for continued learning, I am currently completing my fourth university degree, in Psychological Science and Sociology. In my spare time I love veggie gardening, playing the ukulele and collecting indoor plants (how many is too many?). I look forward to meeting some of you, and getting to know more about your journey with ME/CFS.