We are operating in a pilot phase at the moment and this group is not currently running.

It is SUPER helpful for us to note expressions of interest though.

Please join the wait list if you are interested in joining a book or movie group suitable for people living with ME/CFS. (There will be space to specify your preference).


What is ‘Online book or movie group suitable for people with ME/CFS’?

Online book or movie group suitable for people with ME/CFS is an eight week online community group for 8 to 12 people with a professional facilitator hosted by Emerge Australia. It takes place in our virtual meeting room over Zoom. We have 4 core themes for our online community groups: Patient Support, Carer Support, Community Building and Learning. The aim of this group is to help you to connect with other people who have a shared interest and also live with ME/CFS. There will be a free text box when you join the wait list to note your preference to join a book or movie group.

Further information on how to join the group via Zoom will be made available once you have purchased a ticket.

Why should I attend?

Accessing peer support - talking to people who 'get it' - is one of the primary requests that we receive at Emerge Australia. We have designed this pilot program to provide a safe space - with a facilitator - where people who live with ME/CFS can meet and chat for an hour every other week over a 4 month period.

What will happen in the group?

In this group you will find:

  • A professional facilitator to guide conversation
  • 8 facilitated meetings - every other week for one hour
  • Option to continue to meet after the course - your facilitator will help you to establish ground rules and come up with a plan to continue with the group
  • Social interaction - this group is not structured therapy and will try not to dwell on negative or medical chat
  • The group will have access to a private sub-forum on the Emerge Australia Community Forum where chat can continue between sessions

Morning Classes (for info) - All timings are as per Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra (AEDT or AEST according to start date of group)

  • 10:45am session open
  • 11:00am group meeting commences
  • 12:00pm group meeting ends

Afternoon Classes (for info) - All timings are as per Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra (AEDT or AEST according to start date of group)

  • 1:45pm session open
  • 2:00pm group meeting commences
  • 3:00pm group meeting ends

We operate a waitlist and strongly encourage you to sign up on the waitlist if you are interested and no places are currently available. If we have enough people on the waitlist we may be able to host a group sooner.

New start dates for this group (newly established groups) are added throughout the year. Please note, you will receive the Zoom link for the class the day before the scheduled date.

For more information or if you have questions, please contact [email protected]