Remind your GP

Remind your GP

Has your GP completed module 2 in our ThinkGP education program, “Ensuring a patient-centered approach to care for people living with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)”?

In one hour, this module shows GPs how to take a patient-centered approach to the diagnosis and management of ME/CFS. It uses the latest research to inform about management techniques like stepwise symptom management and pacing, and how to build a multidisciplinary team to support patients to manage their symptoms.

And this education program isn’t just for GPs. So far, nurses, med students, allied health professionals, physiotherapists, exercise therapists and dietitians have all completed the module. Feedback from these participants shows its relevance and value:

  • 88% agreed they now had the information to coordinate a multidisciplinary approach to optimise patient outcomes.
  • 88% said it allowed them to understand how to formulate a patient-centered treatment plan for people with ME/CFS.
  • 84% reported the training would help them evaluate and reconsider the management of ME/CFS based on the latest research.

This is the second education module available on ThinkGP. Both modules are accredited and, once completed, are worth RACGP C2 2pts or ACRRM 1pt. Each module takes 1 hour to complete and is free for health professionals.

96 people have completed this module, we want 500 completions by April 2022. Help us reach this goal by reminding your GP or health practitioner to take module two and learn more about ME/CFS!

If you would like to learn more about the GP Education Program, click here. You can learn about module 1 and easy ways to share this information with your GP or health care practitioner. If you would like to visit module 2 directly, click here

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