The ME/CFS Awareness Week and annual #MillionsMissing campaign for 2021 was a huge success. 

Building upon the success of last year’s event, Emerge Australia again hosted our ME/CFS Awareness Week and #MillionsMissing campaign virtually in 2021.

Kicking off on Saturday 8 May, the online and inclusive event supported the whole ME/CFS community to be seen and heard. The Emerge Australia team were so grateful for those that joined the campaign, sharing your stories to help bring visibility and recognition to the thousands of people living with ME/CFS in Australia.

The virtual event was held on Facebook via the ME/CFS Awareness Week 2021 event page.

Create your personalised Missing Poster

In past years people living with ME/CFS who are unable to attend in-person events have been represented as ‘missing’ with a pair of empty shoes, accompanied by a label detailing their name, years missing and what they are missing from.

Last year we launched #MMSelfies so people living with ME/CFS could create a personalised graphic to share on social media. This year, we have developed the idea further and made it even easier to custom design your own eye-catching 'Missing Poster'.

We asked as many people as possible to make their own poster and share, share, share them on Saturday 8 May! We were blown away when over 500 community members created a personalised poster. 

View the gallery here: http://12may.org_gallery

#sayME challenge - Hard to say, harder to live with 

We brought back our #sayME challenge again in 2021. The #sayME Challenge is a light-hearted way to raise awareness of myalgic encephalomyelitis – which is hard to say but harder to live with. 

We were delighted to have had so many prominent allies step up to support and promote the #SayME Challenge, will you join us in 2022?