“Imagine if someone reads our story and they know or care for someone like my son...it may help them to feel less isolated knowing that there are others ‘out there' like them”.    

In 2020 Lynne and her husband’s lives changed when they became full-time carers of their adult son. Their son had been diagnosed with ME/CFS five years earlier and despite ongoing medical care from multiple specialists, his health deteriorated. Due to the severity of his illness and level of disability, his parents organised an ambulance to transfer him to their home in early 2020.    

Lynne's connection with Emerge Australia

Lynne connected with Emerge Australia in September 2020, as she lacked support and didn’t know where to turn. Her only support prior to this was from other people living with ME/CFS, who answered her questions “Through social media I could ask questions and these wonderful people who were so sick themselves would have firsthand knowledge and experience and were willing to share.” 

Lynne and her son’s life improved when their family GP completed Emerge Australia’s Think GP Education Program. 

“It was a huge success. After completing the program our GP was much more compassionate and open to ideas around managing ME/CFS and is happy to do Telehealth consultations with me on my son’s behalf, or home visit if requested.”   

Connecting with people who "just get it".    

Caring for a person with ME/CFS can be isolating, lonely and a little bit confusing at times. Emerge Australia’s Telehealth Nurse connected Lynne with our online community group for carers. “This group makes me feel we are not alone, that there are others going through what we are”.    

Taking time out for self-care is important for Lynne and her husband. “With us it’s a coffee every morning together before breakfast, where we have time to chat and plan for the day.”  

Lynne wants other carers to know that “Some days are overwhelming and they will pass. Reach out, this community (ME/CFS) is incredibly caring, resourceful and innovative”. 

We are so grateful to Lynne to sharing her story about life caring for her son with ME/CFS. If you would like to connect with other carers like Lynne who support people living with ME/CFS, join our online community.

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