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Long COVID Registry

Are you still experiencing ongoing symptoms, 3 months after infection with SARS-CoV-2/Covid-19, with no other explanation?

In 2023, the Australian ME/CFS Biobank and Registry will expand to collect vital data and biosamples from patients who are experiencing symptoms of long-COVID.

By contributing to the Biobank and Registry, you will actively be helping to further research not just into long-COVID but ME/CFS and other post-infection diseases.

To be one of the first to hear about updates on the expansion, or express your interest in participating, please sign up using the form below.

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The Mason Foundation-funded Biobank and Registry (You+ME Registry) was established by Emerge Australia and aims to create Australia’s largest database of patient-recorded data and biological samples, from those living with post-infection diseases.

Our mission is to provide biomedical researchers with access to high-quality patient biospecimens and a comprehensive data registry to facilitate impactful research into Long COVID and post-infection diseases.

The Registry is patient-driven, created by and for the people who use it, collecting detailed demographic and health information from individuals living in Australia. Using a secure web-based portal, Registry participants will provide data regarding their diagnosis, symptoms, medications, and lived experience with ME/CFS. This information is then made available to our approved researchers in a deidentified format.

By being a Registry participant, you will be informed of any research opportunities that we believe you may be eligible for; such as clinical trials, research studies, and donating to the ME/CFS or Long COVID Biobanks.

Carers and supporters of those with Long COVID are also warmly welcomed to contribute to the You+ME Registry as healthy volunteers. Healthy volunteers (aka: “controls” or people without Long COVID) are a critical part of research because it’s impossible to determine what it means to be sick, without knowing what it means to be healthy.

If you would like to join the You+ME Registry or learn more about it or the ME/CFS Biobank, please visit our website below:

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