In Memory

Harriet Rebecca Holliday

11 Oct 1989 - 04 Dec 2019

Elaine and Jon Holliday (Harriet's parents) are accepting donations to Emerge Australia in memory of Harriet Rebecca Holliday.

Harriet was a beautiful, bright, intelligent, funny girl who was the life and soul of the party. She was a Dancer before ME/CFS took a hold on her 7 years ago. This illness is so debilitating that she has spent the majority of that time in bed and housebound. It is a sorely misunderstood illness and Harriet was living with pain everyday. Making people aware and research is badly needed to help find a cure and to educate doctors in recognising the signs.

Any donations however small will be gratefully received. Funds raised go to Emerge Australia, the national body working to help people living with ME/CFS. For their essential work to keep going, Emerge Australia relies on generous support from the community as they continue to lobby for increased public awareness and funding for biomedical research.

Thank you - Elaine and Jon Holliday (Harriet's parents)

All proceeds go to

In Memoriam Supporting Emerge Australia

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