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There is currently no cure for ME/CFS.

Emerge Australia wants everyone in Australia who is affected my ME/CFS - patient, carer, family and friends to know that we will always have their back. We will always serve the best interests of people affected by ME/CFS with integrity, compassion and empathy, and we will always focus on our vision for universal awareness and acknowledgement of ME/CFS as a medical condition.

ME/CFS can lead to lifelong disability if left unmanaged. Even mild cases can result in the loss of 50% of pre-illness functioning. Most patients are unable to work or attend school, and about 25% are bedbound or housebound.

Regular donations are incredibly important. They ensure Emerge Australia can continue to lead the charge for universal awareness and understanding of ME/CFS as a medical condition.  With your ongoing support we can offer more targeted services, the latest information and resources to meet the diverse needs of our community, and build awareness and education about the condition to reduce stigma and improve health care.

Your giving helps to secure our strong links with the research community to promote medical research into ME/CFS and secure increased research funding.

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Hearing XXX Campbell tell the story of her daughter Ainslie's gradual disappearance from life illustrates the devastating loss that ME/CFS inflicts on young people robbed of their ability to fulfil their ambitions and live the life so many of us take for granted.