Bella Beryllium

I'm fundraising because ME/CFS is one of the least understood, under funded, under recognised and most horrendous illnesses that too many people live with for years.

The impact of ME/CFS can be devastating, leaving 25% of patients housebound or bedbound, with many people unable to work or participate in community life. People living with ME/CFS often feel invisible due to the unknown cause of the condition, lack of effective treatments and limited community awareness, leading many to 'go missing' from their own lives. Many people struggle on with their working lives in constant pain and anguish, invisible to those around them.

I care for someone with ME/CFS and only wish I could do more to take the pain away, fix the broken battery and give them back their life.

I can do this. I will raise funds by roller skating a marathon. 42.2km in under 4.5 hours.

Funds raised will go to Emerge Australia, the national body working to help people living with ME/CFS.

Bella Beryllium