More GPs educated about ME/CFS at GPCE Perth

Emerge Australia presented the keynote address on Sunday 23 July, at the second GPCE conference for 2022 in Perth. Just as at Sydney’s conference, Emerge Australia’s Medical Director Dr Richard Schloeffel, OAM, presented about diagnosis, management and treatment options for Long COVID and ME/CFS. Read more

RMIT Journal Article: Dismissal of debilitating disease is dangerous as Long Covid cases rise

One of our volunteers, Jenny, Dr Richard Schloeffel and CEO Anne Wilson were recently interviewed for the RMIT City Journal by Rebecca Kazmierczak. Read more

July International Research and Advocacy Roundup

Our International Roundup provides a brief snapshot of some of the ME/CFS research funding, clinical care and advocacy actions around the world in the last few months. Read more

Educating over 100 physios about ME/CFS

One cold evening in late July, Emerge Australia’s Nurse Educator, Kate Herbert, presented to the Australian Physiotherapy Association pain special interest group about ME/CFS. With over 100 participants, including attendees also from other special interest groups, this was the most well attended presentation Kate has delivered to date. Read more

Lack of Medical Knowledge on Post Viral Disease. A Clear and Present Danger to All Australians

Current medical predictions suggesting up to 325,000 people may be affected by Long COVID, in addition to the 250,000 living with ME/CFS, will be the foundation of a major post viral attack on the Australian community in coming years threatening national and state budgets. Read more

Post-Viral Disease to become the 7th National Health Priority Area (NHPA) in Australia

Support for Australians living with Long COVID and ME/CFS currently exists in silos. The burden of disease for ME/CFS, as described above, should be read as a warning about the potential impact of Long COVID. Read more

Ensure knowledge from ME/CFS research and the emerging field of Long COVID is shared and integrated

A high degree of similarity and strong links between ME/CFS and Long COVID offer opportunities for researchers to collaborate. Read more

3GB Interview: TeleHealth cuts to hit most vulnerable

Listen to Emerge Australia's CEO Anne Wilson speak with Luke Grant on 3GB radio about the Federal Government plan to cut some telehealth services and charge the cost for longer consultations directly to patients. Read more