Our telehealth nurses have been in increasing demand since the service was introduced 18 months ago. It has become our most critical, in-demand program.

This service offers free expert phone consultations with a registered nurse to people living with ME/CFS, their carers and loved ones. It is the only such service in Australia.

A donation of $50 provides an hour of consultation time with a Registered Nurse.

It is less than two years since the service started and already our nurses have helped nearly 500 people with ME/CFS to access the sort of high-quality information and professional support they need to improve their lives. They have done this by helping people to manage their illness better, to obtain documentation to present to health professionals and to benefit from advice on how to successfully access financial support.

Requests to access the service have grown to an average of 60 per month, and our registered nurses are struggling to keep up with the demand and decrease waiting times for patients.

The service has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from patients and carers, who report that they feel more empowered during their medical consultations, and who have had success in obtaining services that improve their quality of life.

Tegan’s Story

Tegan contacted the Telehealth Nurse Service earlier this year after more than a decade of trying to find help. She developed ME/CFS at 14 after a suspected infection with glandular fever but had been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and blamed herself for her failure to improve.

Over the course of two lengthy telehealth phone consultations, Tegan was able to explain her symptoms and situation to compassionate ears for the first time and was sent detailed documents and information about symptom management and support.

“I felt so seen and heard. They gave me space to describe what I was going through, asking questions no doctor has asked me about my symptoms and validating that I needed serious support with my condition. I was given detailed information about pacing with a heart rate monitor and many other ways to help with the exacerbation of symptoms, and how to communicate with my GP and other health professionals, and my friends and family.”

“I have never had such a strong understanding of what I’m going through," Tegan says. "I am now 27 and I would not have made it this far without this support and extensive library of information. Emerge Australia is an organisation that truly advocates for those who are left unseen in the shadows.”

Other patients agree:

“It has given me a lifeline.”

“I felt heard and understood as opposed to being dismissed and ignored.”

“The nurse acknowledged all of my symptoms and my efforts in managing ME/CFS, which was extremely empowering. I often felt unprepared for medical appointments so having a report to refer to has given me more confidence.”

“It was uplifting to speak to a healthcare professional who had a great understanding of ME/CFS and associated conditions and was up to date on treatments.”

Your donation today means that you will help ensure the security and growth of our Telehealth Nurse Service now and into the future.

Together we can build a brighter future for Australians living with ME/CFS.

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