Supporting medical evidence for each functioning impact on the impairment table/s to a total of 20 points is the most critical factor in the outcome of your application. Supporting medical evidence can be in the form of letters from the diagnosing specialists/your current treating physicians, and documents such as test results.

Documents within the last two years carry the most support for the outcome of your application.

The Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union are experts in DSP and have heaps of helpful tips on their website.

If you are too unwell to fill out your application, you can nominate somebody else to liaise with Centrelink on your behalf.

It is extremely important to collect as much documented medical evidence from health professionals as possible. Our telehealth nurse can be helpful with this process.

If you are thinking of applying for DSP, we recommend that you start to keep a journal of:

  • all the medical professionals that you visit
  • any supports that you need to access these appointments
  • any assistance that you have at home (such as equipment, accessibility supports)
  • any home and community care (HACC) services that you receive