Once you are accepted into the NDIS, you will receive a planning workbook. This will ask you questions about your life, your current supports and your goals for the future. You should make sure to take particular care on the goals sections, as this will impact your future funding. A good tip for goals is to keep them as broad as possible. If you are too specific, you might find you only get funding for very specific supports.

Most plans have a number of goals – some short term and some longer term. Short-term goals may often lead towards a longer-term goal, for example, 'I would like to be able to look after myself within my parents' home, so they can go away occasionally' could link towards an ultimate goal of being able to live completely independently.

Your next step will be to meet with a planner or local area coordinator (LAC), who will develop an NDIS plan for you. This will detail the supports you can receive, timelines and a budget for you. Your plan will be reviewed after a year.

Click here for an example of a NDIS planning workbook.