Knowledge from ME/CFS research and the emerging field of Long COVID must be shared and integrated

The high degree of similarity between ME/CFS and Long COVID offers opportunities for harmonisation having researchers working across both conditions. Researchers have already established strong links between ME/CFS, Long COVID and other post-viral diseases. Read more

Our GPs need to know what to do: We have the plan, we need the funds

Emerge Australia has written a 5 years plan for GP Education about ME/CFS, Long COVID and post-viral diseases, accessible to all of Australia’s GPs. Read more

What will it take for Australia to get new clinical guidelines for ME/CFS?

$1,200,000 is required over 2 years for the development of national clinical guidelines for ME/CFS It is a matter of urgency for Australia to update its clinical guidelines for ME/CFS, to ensure Australian ME/CFS patients have access to the best possible care, based on current understanding of the condition and latest evidence. Read more

Australians with ME/CFS need an Optimal Care Referral Pathway

Optimal Care Referral Pathways (OCRP) support integrated shared care across the entire health system. Such innovative approaches to the coordination of non-clinical service delivery have achieved improved outcomes for patients in other settings. Read more

Changes to the Support and Services programs

With the completion of our Patient Pathways telehealth pilot program on June 30, 2022 we will be making some changes to how the service works and the programs it delivers. Read more

Political Parties Missing 'The Forgotten Community' With COVID as Patient Numbers Forecast to Double

Emerge Australia has urged Political Parties and Candidates standing in the Federal Election to increase their knowledge and understanding of myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). Read more

National Volunteer Week 2022

Thank you to our amazing volunteers who contribute their support to the ME/CFS community through our services and programs. Read more

Our strategy to educate GPs about ME/CFS

This article explains more about our participation at the General Practice Conference & Exhibition (GPCE) conference series in 2022, and our broader strategy to improve GP education about ME/CFS. Read more

ABC Radio: Do we take Chronic Fatigue Syndrome seriously?

On ABC's The Conversation Hour, Richelle Hunt and Jane McNaughton speak with Dr Richard Schloeffel, Emerge Australia's Medical Director, about how ME/CFS is misunderstood in Australia and if those living with ME/CFS can help those being diagnosed with Long COVID. Read more