Online Peer Support Groups for Carers of people living with ME/CFS

Emerge Australia's Online Community Groups program has launched two online peer support groups for family members and carers of people living with ME/CFS. Read more

CHROMIC Deakin University ME/CFS Research Study

The CHROMIC study aims to improve the understanding of the disorder as well as to look for new treatments for ME/CFS. Click here to learn about how you can participate. Read more

CDC review of ME/CFS Diagnosis & Treatments

In May, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a draft of its evidence review on the diagnosis and treatment of ME/CFS for public comment. Read more


The ANCHOR study aims to the quality of life, social, educational and economic impacts of ME/CFS Read more

Living with Severe ME/CFS with Ricky Buchanan

Severe ME Day is recognised globally as a day to acknowledge the strength and spirit of the estimated 25% of individuals living with ME/CFS who have severe or very severe symptoms. Read more

ME/CFS Pacing App

We would like to introduce to you the ME/CFS Pacing App created by our generous contributor, Mathew Blake. Read more

COVID-19 Vaccine Information Hub

Information about COVID-19 vaccination is rapidly changing. That’s why we have created a hub to help you find the information easily. Read more